Special Instructions

Post-banding Instructions

Your treatment has now seriously begun, and we trust that it will be an enjoyable experience, provided that the few simple guidelines below are adhered to.

With proper care, none of the banding attachments can break or come loose of their own accord. It is therefore in your own interest to ensure that the banding is properly cared for, in order to ensure the successful completion of the treatment within the shortest time possible .

Maintain oral hygiene carefully by brushing teeth three times daily, and flossing once every second day (using Super Floss). If your gums begin to bleed or swell, it is a sign of poor oral hygiene. Keep on brushing and flossing.

Brush after every meal for five minutes. Brush in front of a mirror, first with water, to remove pieces of food, and then with toothpaste. Use a small toothbrush. Use mouthwash once a week to prevent permanent white spots on teeth. Remember to brush your tongue and gums.

Should anything hurt, use the recommended wax and make an appointment immediately. Ask for more wax if needed. If an ulcer appears, rinse with mouthwash or lukewarm salt water.

If you experience pain, use a mild analgesic.
Wear a mouth guard for contact sport.

About Appointments

All patients can make an appointment by phoning the relevant practice.

Remember to book follow-up appointments at regular intervals (+- 6 weekly)

Your Retainers

It is necessary to wear the retainers to stabilize your teeth in their new position, and prevent them from moving back to their original position. Always wear your retainers exactly as instructed by Dr Fanie and the oral hygienists. It is not harmful to wear retainers for longer than the prescribed period.

You will experience difficulty in speaking at first. This is normal, as your tongue slips on the retainers.

Removing Retainers

Be careful when you remove the retainers from your mouth before eating and when you want to clean them. When you remove them, you must always pull them out with your index finger at the back of your mouth, near the molars.

Remove the retainers when you eat and brush them lightly with toothpaste to keep them clean. Keep your retainers in the retainer case when you eat and when you are not wearing them, so that you will not accidentally damage them.


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