Braces are the tiny brackets that are attached to the teeth. They act like handles that allow you to grab them to move them. They are usually bonded (glued) directly to the enamel of the tooth, except on a back tooth, where the braces are first welded to a band of metal and the band is then held onto the tooth with dental cement.

There are different types of braces: metal, clear and gold. Metal braces are most popular with orthodontists, because they are the most durable. They are made from stainless steel materials like chromium, zinc, nickel, or titanium. Today braces are much smaller than they were several decades ago. Clear braces are made from a ceramic material, aluminium oxide. They are more fragile and are bulkier. You have to be very close to someone to be able to see them, and that is why they are so popular with adult patients. Gold braces are stainless steel braces that are coated with a gold material.


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May 14, 2018

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